New Ways You Can Learn to Love Your Workout ...

You know the feeling well. You’ve been doing a workout and suddenly you’re really bored with it and maybe start skipping it. Even the most perfect workout plan won’t do you any good if you hate it and decide to find something else to do. Now is the time to mix things up and turn your workout into something you look forward to again. Here’s how to do it. If you’re starting something new, run it by your doctor first, just to be on the safe side.

1. Find Someone to Work out with

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Not only does this help keep you from backing out at the last minute, but having a workout buddy can make exercise seem less like a chore and more like a great time spent with a friend. You can essentially choose anyone so long as you have similar ability levels and both enjoy your chosen exercise. Ask your significant other, a co-worker, your sister or best friend to exercise with you and you’ll instantly look forward to it again.

2. Sign up to Try Something You’ve Never Done before

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If you always do the same workout all the time, there are many reasons to give something new a try. Switching things up challenges your body in new ways, which is beneficial for your strength, endurance and overall benefits. It also keeps you from getting bored. If you always hit the pavement, try a yoga class. If you are typically a swimmer, try taking a dance class.

3. Create a Fabulous New Playlist

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Do you always listen to the same list of music when you exercise? I tend to do the same. If you’re bored, consider making yourself a fantastic new list of music. Having something exciting to listen to when you run, walk, jog, swim or lift weights can breathe an entirely new life in to your boring old exercise session.

4. Listen to a Podcast While You Exercise

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Instead of listening to music, consider listening to a book on tape while your exercise. Find a really riveting book and you’ll totally look forward to your next workout just so you can see what happens next. Download books to your Kindle or check them out at the public library.

5. Join an Organized Sports Team

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There’s nothing more fun than hitting the field or court with a group of girls and playing to win. Team sports are a fantastic way to burn calories and build your muscles. Any sport you love will do the trick. Try basketball, soccer or tennis. You’ll be looking forward to breaking a sweat in no time.

6. Get Yourself an Awesome New Outfit and Some Great Shoes

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For me, fun workout wear is about all it takes to motivate me to get some exercise. If your workout needs new life, go buy yourself a fabulous new outfit and a fun new pair of shoes. Choose bright colors and a look that complements your figure so that you feel as good as you look.

7. Dangle a Bribe to Motivate You

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When you have something to work toward and a prize to win at the end of a given project, you are much more likely to get it done. Promise yourself a trip to the spa, a weekend getaway or even a cash prize and you’re much more likely to exercise.

How do you make your workout fun again? Which of these ideas are you most excited to try?

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