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I had so much fun trying new types of dances last year. From Zumba to ballroom dancing, there was a massive surge in dance classes, and in people interested in dancing. It’s no surprise that there are now more dance-related reality TV shows than ever before, or that 2014 is set to follow suit! If you’re looking for a new healthy hobby, check out these new types of dances that are set to be huge.

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Fusion Classes…

If you didn’t get a chance to try all the new types of dances last year, or you haven’t found your favorite yet, fusion classes are for you. Hybrid classes are popping up everywhere, and these typically include a great mix of moves from different dance types. It’s a great way to get a taster of different types, and it’s absolutely perfect for people who have a short attention span and want to keep things changing.



Piloxing is a new non-stop interval workout which blends standing Pilates with boxing and dance moves. It’s brilliant for burning calories, toning and building muscle, and it’s really fun. Gyms and studios everywhere have already started running beginners classes, and the trend is set to stay hot throughout the year. Definitely one to try.



Ballet itself is growing in popularity, but if you don’t fancy trying traditional ballet, there are alternatives too. Ballet-inspired workout classes such as Barrecore are taking off across the country, and most of these are ideal for beginners. You’ll enjoy ballet training and move-practicing with some sculpting Pilates moves, and some studios even put on shows. It’s great fun, and it’s perfect for learning a skill that you’ll never forget.



Standard Zumba may have slipped a little in popularity, but its spin-offs, such as Zumba Dance, are still going strong. This year will see Zumba Sentao take over as the hottest craze. The Latin-inspired workout combines strength and resistance training with dance moves, all centered around a chair, which makes practicing at home really easy. Aqua Zumba is also on offer, which combines a low-impact program with cardio conditioning, Zumba moves and body toning. It takes place in the pool, which makes it ideal for people who need to protect their muscles, or who prefer watery workouts.



BodyJam has been upgraded this year, and most gyms and studios are now running Sh’Bam instead. This dance workout is set to a soundtrack of chart-topping hits that will make you want to move, blended with clubbing tracks, classic dance songs and Latin beats. You’ll learn a range of moves, and you’ll even get the chance to take part in synchronized group dances.


Pop up Dances…

Fitness classes are breaking out of gyms and studios this year. More and more large scale events are being hosted in nightclubs, shopping malls and on the streets, and Zumbathons have really started a trend for mass participation and flash mobs. If you fancy getting involved, try taking a look at Rave Fitness, which organizes dance mobs in nightclubs or student unions. Urban Pole is a popular alternative, which aims to challenge the negative perception of pole dancing by taking it outdoors.


Fitness Video and Quirky Crazes…

If you don’t fancy trying any new types of dances in public, check out some fitness videos. The classic Jane Fonda workout videos are experiencing a surge in popularity, and there are plenty of great alternatives, too. From tango workouts to fame dances and even Latin groove and ballet workouts, there are videos that will teach you all the moves and give you a great workout in your living room. For something more unique, try online JekaJo classes, or high energy twerkouts.

I’m so excited by all these new types of dances. Not only are they great fun, but they burn loads of calories, keep you fit and are a great way to meet new people. If you’re curious or you’re looking for a new fitness hobby, definitely give some a go. You are almost guaranteed to find one that you love! Have you tried any new dance crazes? What are you loving?

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