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Natural Ways to Get a Juicy Booty ...

By Lydia

Looking for some natural ways to get a juicy booty? First, we had Jennifer Lopez, then we had Kim Kardashian and now we have the likes of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, all fabulous women who have one major thing in common - their hella juicy booties! The curvaceous, irresistible rumps of these mega stars has changed society’s perception of what true beauty and desirability can be. Whereas once it was the pencil thin shapes of Twiggy and Kate Moss that were seen as the ultimate standard, now you get to choose between that and a whole world of curves. If you choose the J. Lo way of life, then here are some natural ways to get a juicy booty.

1 Barre Class

This is one of the best natural ways to get a juicy booty. Put more focus on barre exercise, which is essentially a combination of things like yoga, Pilates and dance. These types of workouts can do wonders for both your core strength and your muscles, including one big one, the good old gluteus maximus!

2 Plant Based Diet

Enjoying a plant-based diet can keep you slim, lean and strong, but importantly juicy in one particular area - the booty! Greens and lots of different berries, in particular, are great for encouraging the production of collagen in the body, which leaves your skin looking smooth and glowing.

3 Body Brush

Make sure to make use of a body brush before you jump in the shower every day. It is a simple way to get the circulation flowing to all parts of your body, and increased blood flow means that certain desirable areas are going to plumper and more fabulous than before!

4 Water

Water is something that should be easily accessible to you, and it can also be one of your best tools for achieving the juiciest butt of them all! Keep your skin as hydrated as possible by keeping up with the recommended amount of water drank in a single day. Eight to ten cups might feel like a lot, but that is definitely the amount that your body needs to stay in its juiciest condition!

5 Stretch

Don’t neglect the stretching portions of your daily workout, both before and after. When your body is appropriately stretched and maximum flexibility is achieved, that is when certain body parts start to fall into their optimum shape, and this almost always involves the appearance of a nice juicy booty for your troubles!

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