7 Myths about Personal Trainers ...

There are plenty of myths about personal trainers out there. Some might believe that personal trainers are all-knowing health and fitness gurus and they can do no wrong. Alas, personal trainers aren’t perfect. At the end of the day, they’re regular people like everyone else that have spent a considerable amount of time studying health and fitness so that they can coach others into living healthy lifestyles. Check out these classic myths about personal trainers that you probably didn’t know weren’t true.

1. They Eat Perfectly 24/7

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One of the most notorious myths about personal trainers is that they eat healthy all day, every day. While it is true that personal trainers might be more conscious of what they put into their bodies, they certainly don’t starve themselves or restrict themselves to a rigid diet. Instead, personal trainers approach their diet with balance and moderation. They eat right most of the time, but also reward themselves accordingly.

2. They Exercise Every Day

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Most personal trainers don’t train all day, every day. Doing so would actually be counterproductive, as it wouldn’t give their bodies enough time to rest, heal, and grow. Even fitness addicts like personal trainers like to have 1-2 rest days in their week. This signifies another way that personal trainers are on the whole healthy, striving for balance in their lives.

3. They Are Completely and Totally Consumed by Fitness

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Sure, there are some personal trainers that are super passionate about health and fitness. But not all trainers live, eat, and breath fitness in every given moment of the day. Some personal trainers might only work part time, and devote themselves to another full time job. Some personal trainers like what they do, but can still detach themselves enough to have other hobbies and interests besides fitness. It’s undeniable that your trainer is going to have an interest in fitness, just keep in mind they’ll probably like other activities besides hitting the gym.

4. They’ve Never Struggled with Their Weight

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Many people think personal trainers are naturally thin, cut, and toned. But some personal trainers didn’t always look that way. In fact, a number of personal trainers have undergone major weight losses, and used the process as inspiration to assist others in their health journeys. Personal trainers have struggles with weight just like everyone else. The difference is they have more knowledge and access to more information than the average person about losing weight and maintaining an active lifestyle.

5. They Never Get Injured

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Personal trainers always strive for proper form and safety. But they aren’t demigods! Their bodies are prone to poor alignments and injuries just like everyone else. Because they’re on their feet so much, trainers are actually more susceptible to overuse injuries compared to the general population. Overuse injuries are very common, and can even happen in the fittest individuals.

6. They’re Always in Shape

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Personal trainers have lives and responsibilities like everyone else. They might have a period of time where they can’t work out for a few weeks. They like to stay fit, but they may also experience circumstances where they can’t work out and hit the gym. This doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job, only that they’re human!

7. They’ll Always Know What to do to Give You Your Dream Body

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Personal trainers may know more than the average person about exercise physiology and fitness, but there’s always more to learn. Certain trainers specialize in certain fields. A trainer that focuses on athletic performance, for instance, might not be the best trainer for someone who is looking to lose 30 pounds just in time for summer. The important thing is to find a trainer that works for you and has a fitness philosophy that you can identify with.

Personal training sessions are definitely something to incorporate into your fitness regimen if your time and budget affords it. Have you ever worked with a personal trainer before? What did you like and/or dislike?

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