7 Must-Know Tips for Exercising during Your Period ...


I'm sure exercising during your period is definitely not at the top of your β€œwant to do” list, but it can actually help PMS symptoms more than it can hurt. The trick to exercising during your period is learning what types of exercises work with your menstrual cycle instead of against it. During your period your body is under a large amount of stress, even if it is all natural stress. You likely won’t feel like doing high intensity workouts (nor should you have to), but remember that lying around the whole time won't help matters much either. Instead of retiring on the sofa or exhausting your body, try some of these tips for exercising during your period!

1. Yoga It up

Ladies, the best tip for exercising during your period is to do as much mild yoga you possibly can. Yoga is gentle on your body, it helps drain the lymph fluids to remove toxins, and it stimulates blood flow. This can help prevent cramping, clotting, and joint pain all in one. You can try yoga DVDs or find free videos on YouTube.

Power down with Pilates
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