7 Moves for Toned and Sculpted Arms ...


Do you want toned and sculpted arms so that you can bare your arms with pride? Wouldn’t it be great to put on a sleeveless top and be proud of your toned arms? Well, you do not get these arms by just wishing on a star, but you do if you work for them. With certain exercises, you will work your arm muscles and see great results. So are you excited to see just what these moves are? Here are the exercises to help you achieve toned and sculpted arms:

1. Pushups

Did you know pushups can help you to have the toned and sculpted arms of your dreams? There is a reason GI Jane has ultra-cut arms: many pushups. Pushups work your triceps, pectoral muscles and deltoids. By simply starting in a prone position and lowering your body to the ground and up, you can perform a pushup. Positioning of your arms in different ways can work different muscles of your arms and help you to get toned and sculpted arms.

Triceps Kickbacks
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