7 Most Effective Workouts to Tighten Your Derriere in a Week ...

Tired of a flat, saggy rear end? Gravity and a poor diet can do that, but sometimes it’s simply genetics or the way you’re built. Fortunately, there are lots of effective workouts that can tighten, tone and lift your butt. You’ll have to stick with it, but with time you’ll get the results you crave. You might even start seeing positive results in a week or so by using these following workouts. Get ready for the body you want!

1. Five Minute Workout

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Only have a couple of minutes to work on your rear? This video is the one for you. It leads you through a series of moves that promise to tighten your butt and make it look great in any of your clothes. The girl in the video is easy to understand and her body will motivate you.

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