9 Super Intense Battle Rope Exercises for Insanely Fit Girls ...

By Jennifer

9 Super Intense  Battle Rope  Exercises for Insanely Fit  Girls ...

If you're a bit bored with your current workout routine, it's time to try something new, and I have a fab suggestion: battle ropes! It may not sound like much of a challenge, but trust me, try one of these battle rope workouts, and you'll be sore the next day...and the day after...

1 Adrian Bryant's Top 12 Moves

This is my favorite battle ropes workout. I love that Adrian demonstrates both a standing and a sitting version of each move.

2 Adrian's Toughest Workout

Truly, honestly, I can't do this workout... yet. I can't wait for the day when I can.

3 Another Adrian Workout

Just making waves, battle rope waves... keep those waves going! I love Adrian! This is the battle ropes workout I do once a week for my "tough" day, and it kicks my butt!

4 So Many Waves!

This video features a demo of 22 wave variations, and 5 different workouts.

5 10-minute Workout

Oh wow, this one's a lot harder than it looks! That alt waves and back lunge kills me every time.

6 Featuring 4

Sure, there are more than 4 ways to use battle ropes, but these moves are an excellent place to start.

7 Full-Body Workout

This workout has just 9 moves, but it's great for toning your entire body. This video is fantastic because he explains everything so well.

8 Workout with Nicole Chaplin

First of all, I love this woman. She's one of my fave fitspo queens, and she explains EXACTLY how to do each move, from your grip and stance and form, to the actual battle ropes moves themselves.

9 Go Marzia!

Do this routine three days a week for cardio and strength training. Truly, you'll be so sore... I sure was! I also love how she calls this "battling of the ropes."

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