11 Important Tips for Surviving and Enjoying Your First Yoga Class ...

Though I’ve practiced yoga for at least six years now, I haven’t truly ever been to a yoga class except for once in my life, when I learned some especially important tips for surviving your first yoga class in the process. I practice at home, for around 45 minutes each day, or at a minimum of 20 minutes, to a DVD, or YouTube video. Yet, let’s be honest: a DVD is nothing like the experience of going to a yoga class, so I’ve got some tips for you if you’re new to yoga classes. Keep these tips in mind so surviving your first yoga class won’t make you regret that you went in the first place!

1. Dress Appropriately

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One of the most important tips for surviving your first yoga class is to dress smart. At home, my leggings and ratty T-shirt might do just fine, but if you’re going to a hot yoga class, reconsider your attire. Or, if you’re going to a beginner class, try to be familiar with the temperatures in the classroom. The best options are usually a cotton based legging, or knee length legging, and a tight fitting tank. Be sure there’s a sports bra built into the tank, or wear one. Also, don’t wear incredibly short shorts, or you might show off something you don’t want to in your downward dog position. Be considerate of other people in the class! Don’t wear your sweats, or loose fit clothing. They can get caught in your way and might make the movements seem more difficult.

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