How to Work out when You Have an Injury ...

Having an injury sucks, especially when you’re someone who’s a little addicted to working out. It can be so discouraging, and perhaps even depressing, knowing that you can’t work out, even though it’s something you love to do. Whether you currently have an injury or you’ve dealt with one in the past, these steps will inform you about what to do when you’re dealing with an injury but still want to exercise!

1. Talk to Your Doctor

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First and foremost, talk to your doctor about what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you exercise. Your doctor knows better than anyone what your body can and can’t handle while you’re recovering from your injury. Even though you know what feels right and what feels wrong, you could be doing an exercise that feels okay but is doing long-term damage to your body. Your doctor knows what may be hurting you underneath the surface!

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