Girl's Guide πŸ“– on How to Use the Buddy System πŸ‘­ Most πŸ’― Effectively πŸ‘ to Achieve πŸ… Your Fitness Goals πŸ’ͺ ...

Want to know how to use the fitness buddy system most effectively? The buddy system is an age-old practise of having a go-to pal right by your side to whom you are accountable, and it can be applied to pretty much any goal you want to achieve in life. Whether you want to lose weight or stick to a fitness routine, a buddy can be invaluable support throughout your journey. They’ll provide encouragement, motivation and also, hopefully, the strength to pull you up when you are underachieving. Here are just a few ways for how to use the buddy system most effectively to achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Honest Check-Ins

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Being honest is important when you're learning how to use the fitness buddy system most effectively. When you are working out with a friend rather than on your own, it gives you a chance to have open and honest check-ins about what kind of shape you are in. You might both realize that you hate Monday morning workouts thanks to this kind of communication, and as a result, can have a much happier and more productive start to the week by switching to Monday evenings instead!

2. Asking for Help

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There is absolutely no shame in asking for help from your buddy. That is what they are in your life for! If you need that extra bit of motivation to get yourself over the line in that 5-mile run, then turn to your buddy and get them to rev you up! This is something that wouldn’t be possible if alone, so the buddy system definitely wins out on this one.

3. Shared Tech

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You can make your fitness regime competitive in a fun way if you and your buddy get matching tech. From taking the most steps to drinking the most water to clocking in the most laps at the pool, cool tech and apps can make it feel like your buddy is there with you even when you aren’t in the same room!

4. Celebrations

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When you reach your mini goals along the path to your ultimate endgame, your buddy will be there to help you celebrate in style. Losing 2 pounds in a week might not seem that impressive to outsiders, but your buddy has been there all the way and has seen just how hard you have been working, and that makes the celebrations even more genuine and heartfelt.

5. Boredom Cure

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Let’s face it, sometimes working out can be a real chore when you are on your own. When you have your buddy by your side, it cures a lot of the loneliness and boredom that often tempts people to cut their workout short. You will last the distance with a friend, and you will most likely have lots of fun doing it.

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