Obvious πŸ’‘ Ways You're Using #Fitspiration πŸ’ͺ🌟 in All πŸ’― the Wrong 😣 Ways ...


Wondering how to use #fitspiration the wrong way? When we’re starting out and trying to maintain a fitness regime, many of us need all of the #fitspiration that we can get to stay on track! Having material to connect with and aspire to can be a really helpful and motivational tool to use when striving to achieve your own personal goals, but it has to be said that there are occasions when #fitspiration can be used in the wrong way. There are so many pictures and videos out there containing the hashtag that sometimes, more often than you might think, the wrong ones go viral and the wrong kinds of habits are picked up by people like us who don’t know right from wrong. Here's how to use #fitspiration the wrong way.

1. Replicating Poor Form

Poor form is just one answer for how to use #fitspiration the wrong way. Just because a picture looks the part, it doesn’t always mean that it is full of good advice. If you find a post that inspires you, you will try to copy it, but if that photo contains a person doing something with bad form, then you too are going to replicate this bad form and run the risk of getting an injury. Remember that anybody can use the hashtag, so it’s always sensible to do your research on the reputation of the account before you start to copy the content.

Sketchy Diet Advice
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