How to Turn Sex into a Fantastic Workout Session ...


Sex is the best cardio exercise out there. It’s certainly the most fun exercise ^_^. So why not make the most of it and ramp up the rev counter in ways that benefits your fitness routine, your heart rate and your sexual satisfaction. Sounds like a win for your body, soul and relationship and your man is certainly not going to complain.

1. Curve Your Back and Raise Your Pelvis during the Missionary Position

Raise your pelvis and your shoulders off the bed when you are at the bottom in the missionary position. Imagine your spine was trying to make a parenthesis shape with a smooth curve in your back. If you do this, not only are you working and toning your core but it brings you closer to his face so you can kiss him and his chest. Also, as you raise your pelvis, it allows you to position yourself so that he hits the places that stimulate you the most.

Get Vigorous when You Are in the Cowgirl Position