How to Survive Common Gym Struggles We've All Faced ...

So for the New Year you have new goals and resolutions, most of which are based on your fitness and health. You want to lose weight, change your body and get in your best shape. Well if this is the case you are most definitely not alone because over 90% of New Year’s resolutions are based on fitness goals. So before your goal is chalked up to be just a wish list, let’s get moving to execute your plan. And if you have been through this before as a regular gym goer be prepared with this list on how to survive the gym struggles we surely have all faced!

1. Cardio Machines Are Taken

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It is so frustrating when your plan to hit the cardio machines fails because there is just no room on any of them Before you pack your bags and head home, think twice because there is a world of weighted machines and free weights for your fitness pleasure. And if that is not enough you can go to any of the regularly scheduled workout classes!

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