How to Turn a Study Break into Something Productive ...


How to Turn a Study Break into Something Productive ...
How to Turn a Study Break into Something Productive ...

Students know firsthand that studying can take up an enormous amount of time. And if you are spending more time sitting and studying and less time being active, it is just a matter of time before you begin to pack on the pounds. Staying active not only keeps you in good shape, but it also helps you stay sharp for your studies and sleep better at night. If your day is spent sitting, then by the evening you will have a lot of energy which means getting to sleep is going to be difficult. This is why getting in some exercise each day, during the day, should be a part of your regular routine as much as studying for school.

Here are some suggestions for how to get exercise in during your study breaks:

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Clean Your Dorm Room

Here is exercise and productivity all in one. No doubt your dorm room gets cluttered, dusty and unorganized so why not spend some time cleaning it? But do not stroll through the process. Move swiftly so you start feeling like it is exercise. Do not forget to vacuum, sweep and wash your floors if they need it. Do not be afraid to get down and dirty, so to speak, and working yourself up to a good sweat. Even if you only do this for a few minutes, it is a nice way to get in some physical activity while giving yourself a mental break from your studies.


Rearrange Your Room

Moving furniture around will definitely get your heart rate up and give you a good dose of physical activity. You can also clean in places you may not even realize need it like under your bed, under your desk or under an area rug. Sometimes rearranging a few pieces of furniture can make a room look bigger or feel more comfortable. Whatever you decide to do, changing your room around will give you a nice change with a great workout.


Take the Dog for a Walk

Dogs are great exercise companions. They love to be outside and will encourage you to walk longer and faster than you might if you were by yourself. Your heart will be pumping and you may even lose a few pounds in the process. Walking your dog will also give you an opportunity to get outside and out from inside those four walls that can seem suffocating after a while.


Engage in Sports like Tennis or Soccer

You can play something highly physical like hockey or rugby, but you will also return battered and bruised and in no condition to focus on your studies. The good news is that there are other very physical activities that you can do without risking harm to yourself. Soccer and tennis are great sports if you do not mind all the running that is involved. Chasing after a tennis or soccer ball is great aerobic activity. Even if you only do it a few times a week, you will reap many health benefits from it. It can also spur your competitive spirit.


Push-ups and Sit-ups

Perhaps this one is more for the guys, but girls can do them if they are up for the challenge. Push-ups are the most effective way of improving all-over upper body strength and it requires no equipment whatsoever. Men are known for pumping out endless push-ups to make their upper bodies look more masculine, but women (who usually lack in upper body strength), would be wise to include a few push-ups on a regular basis.

When it comes to sit-ups, strong abs are a must have—especially when swimsuit season hits and you want to bare all. It will help decrease the fat that so easily develops around your midsection. If push-ups are not your thing, pull-ups are just as effective for getting you a strong upper body. Find an overhead bar, a strong tree branch or a playground that has a bar that you can use.


Running and Swimming

These activities are a favorite for the ladies, but guys can enjoy them just as much. These strictly cardiovascular workouts will no doubt help keep fat off of your arms, thighs, butts, abs, and hips. The fat will simply peel right off after regular running or swimming. Your heart will get a great workout as well so it will be getting stronger as you are getting thinner.

While these two activities do not necessarily target a specific area on your body, if you are trying to lose fat in a particular spot, it will help you lose all-over fat so those areas will benefit even if it does not seem that way. Plus, swimming will definitely get you the same well-defined arms as those push-ups and pull-ups will because they have to work nonstop and extra hard to get you from one point to another.

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