How to Make the Most of the College Gym ...

Sure, when you are experiencing your freedom for the first time at college, it might be fair to say that going to the gym and exercising on a regular basis isn’t at the very top of your priorities list! There’s the studying and, of course, there’s the partying, but what a lot of students forget is that they have the chance to do some of the best and most cost-effective working out of their entire lives during this time! Here is how to make the most of the college gym.

1. Join a Class

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Just like with any other kind of gym, it is always more motivating if you join a class to do some group exercise. Even better in this scenario, you can join up with classmates to have fun and get fit together!

2. Keep a Locker

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In lots of college gyms, you can hire a locker to call your own for the semester or year. It’s relatively cheap, and it means that you can keep all of your gym essentials there and not have to carry everything and forth all the time. The less effort it takes to get there and get gym ready, the more often you will go.

3. Wash Your Clothes

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However, please don’t forget to take those gym clothes home once in a while to wash them. You definitely don’t want to get a reputation on campus as being the girl whose locker is stinking out the changing rooms!

4. Try Everything

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Depending on what your future career is like, you might not get the chance to experience such a high level of gym equipment and opportunity for a long time, so make the most of your college opportunities by trying out absolutely every machine, class, and circuit before you have to give up the privilege at graduation!

5. Make the Effort

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Don’t just turn up and go through the motions because you feel like you need to show up to say you have been. If you are going, get involved and make the effort. Not only is it that best gym deal you’ll ever get, but the endorphins really will help you to feel better on a day to day basis and be a more productive student.

6. Don’t Judge

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You need to see the college gym as safe space for everyone. Never judge a person for wanting to better their health, no matter what size or shape they start out with.

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