Pro Tips ✅ to Develop Healthy 💪 Habits One ☝️ at a Time 🗓 ...


Want to learn how to develop healthy habits one at a time? When people choose to get into shape, they feel as if they need to multi-task, they feel as if everything needs done at once. Begin with one task! That is all you need!

First of all, talk to yourself as if giving advice to a friend. Are you following your own advice?

Have you decided it is time for a change? Focus on it and start small!

I decided to use a portion control plate. My small habit has been using such plate. Within three weeks, I have lost eight pounds. What have I made? A new habit - every day I eat vegetables, fruit and protein or carbs.

Associate your new habit with a trigger. Maybe every time you pee or take a break from housework.

What are some healthy habits to consider? Here are some of the to answers for how to develop healthy habits one at a time.

1. Eat from Smaller Plates or Portion Control Plates

This helps you get the right servings of vegetables, fruit and protein/carbs for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

Eat More Lean Protein and Carbs
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