7 Healthy Protein Sources to Fuel You Pre and Post Workout ...

What healthy protein sources do you eat before and after your workouts to provide you energy, satisfy your cravings and help you recover? None, you may say, well why not? Your fuel is critical in helping your muscle fiber to repair itself and it could help you in injury prevention. Most people are just not sure what and when to eat, so let me help you with this. As a certified trainer helping countless clients train for races and achieve their personal best, let me share with you the healthy protein sources you should be fueling your body with before and after your workouts:

1. Eggs

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If you can tolerate eggs before your workout, this is a great fuel, especially if you add a half slice of whole wheat bread for some carbohydrates. I usually have 2-3 scrambled or hard boiled eggs to provide my body with the protein needed to repair torn muscle fiber. Do you eat eggs for a source of your lean protein? Make sure you eat eggs because this is one of the healthiest protein sources you can eat.

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