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Reading yoga quotes can be a great way to inspire your practice. Sometimes when I set my intention, I hold one of these quotes in my mind during my practice. It’s amazing to see the change that can come when you bring awareness to one aspect of your practice. These are a few yoga quotes that I love and wanted to share!

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Anonymous This anonymous yoga quote inspires my practice time and time again. When I first started yoga, I wanted my poses to mirror those in Yoga Journal. But with each practice, I am learning that my meditation is perfect in its own way. That is because yoga is about finding peace and stillness in the discomfort, not seeing how long you can keep your heels on the ground in Downward Dog. It’s about leaning into it, breathing through and seeing who you are when you get there.


Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan This quote by Yogi Bhajan highlights the gratitude of each practice. One of my yoga teachers talks about how your yoga practice is of benefit to all beings everywhere. By connecting with yourself and finding pride through your challenging poses, you learn to be grateful for your body and all it does for you. As you quiet your mind, you begin to find value in your spirit and the energy that you send to others. Whether you verbally express gratitude or simply invest time with a loved one, you are spreading the energy of yoga to all beings everywhere.


Max Strom

Max Strom Max Strom points out some words of wisdom in this quote. I know for me, my mental dialogue always picks up when I go into Pigeon pose. It struggles and urges me to give up, face the fact that I’ll never get the pose, and never try it again. But I’m learning to challenge these thoughts, the part of me that wants to surrender. It’s a vulnerable pose by nature, which only means I need to lean into it more and try to find stillness there. I may not look like the other yogis in my studio when it comes to more challenging poses like Pigeon, but that doesn’t mean my practice is any less.



Anonymous This anonymous quote addresses life. Life is full of highs and lows and moments of content. In yoga, you are encouraged to breathe through the easier and more challenging poses. Applying this same mantra to everyday life can help with good news such as the birth of a loved one or bad news such as the loss of a relative. It doesn’t make the grieving less painful, but facilitates a way to express yourself. With yoga, you recognize the connection between life and death as a natural cycle with the inhalation and exhalation of each breathe.


Jason Crandell

Jason Crandell My yoga teacher always points out that you can muscle your way into any pose. As Jason Crandell points out in this quote, pushing through is a great way to become curious about yourself; you can learn so much about your character by paying attention to when you quit, when you're content, and when you're thinking about the next thing. So the next time you step on your mat, pay attention to whether or not you are mindful in each pose or pushing yourself into the next one.


B. K. S. Iynegar

B. K. S. Iynegar B. K. S. Iynegar hits a key point here when he talks about endurance. Yoga is a way to connect to yourself, your body, your spirit, your fellow yogis, your friends who’ve never tried yoga, and the universe you live in. It's also a way to soothe your spirit and prepare yourself to deal with life's tragedies and triumphs alike. Without appreciation or mindfulness of that connection, you lose the moments of bliss, struggle, and content with loved ones. A world of disconnection would make life very hard indeed, which is why yoga is so important for endurance of the mind, the heart, and the body.


“I Am”

“I Am” Think how powerful those two words are! There is no attachment, no label, no judgement. There is only the being. The meditation of yoga is mindfulness and greeting each pose as it is, perfect in its own way. Yoga is meant to quiet the mind to this moment and become aware of it, without judgement, but with each breath. Next time you practice, recite this mantra to yourself and see how far it will take you.

These yoga quotes are just a few of the things I consider when stepping onto my mat. Plus, it’s great for a quote-lover like me. Do you have any good yoga quotes that inspire you? Which one is your favorite?

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'I AM' as in God, that connection should be made. Because we are not I Am

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