7 Great Workout DVDs to do from Home ...

Three years ago, I came to the harsh reality that I could no longer afford the beloved gym membership I had for six years, so I turned to workout DVDs to save my sanity and give me a piece of the gym at home. Luckily, it worked like a charm and though I can afford the gym more now than I could three years ago, I choose not to join one because I don’t need to! There are tons of great workout DVDs on the market and I’ve found some I like and some I don’t. I thought I would share with you my top 7 favorites that aren’t only practical, effective and fun, but they are also fairly reasonably priced. Those pricey DVD sets that you can buy for at home workouts really aren’t necessary. Check out these and be sure to let me know your favorites too!

1. The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

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This DVD is fairly old, but is definitely one of the best workout DVDs I’ve ever owned. It not only burns calories, but it also integrates easy forms of power yoga in a really fun way. Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser guides the video and it isn’t grueling or harsh, but he is definitely challenging. My whole body changed after I got this $10 DVD from the store one day. I was toned, flexible, and developed a passion for yoga and fitness at home. You’ll sweat, and release tons of stress, all in 30 minutes. Check this DVD out; you won’t be sorry!

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