7. Slim Calm Sexy Ultimate Mind Body Workout

Slim Calm Sexy Ultimate Mind Body Workout

Maybe you’re in the mood for weights, HIIT and a little yoga to wind down. This DVD has it! It is produced by Women’s Health Magazine, and led by trainer Megan Hoffman, who is really fit herself and a top trainer in the fitness industry. I love this DVD because it gives me the best of all three worlds in easy to manage 15 minute segments each, totaling 45 minutes. Some days I don’t want to do HIIT for 45 minutes or do a lengthy weight session. Here’s where this DVD comes in.

The secret to this DVD’s success is that it integrates three highly effective forms of exercise for women all in one segment so you won’t become too developed in one area, and not enough in another. It also aids in faster muscle recovery. These three exercise routines are proven to banish stress, promote smoother, glowing skin and even amp up your libido if that’s a need! It also transforms your shape and gives you the best of the gym at home.

So there you have it, ladies! These 7 DVD workouts will make you love working out in your living room. Try switching these up, or find a few on Amazon.com that you like. If you’re not sure you want to purchase anything, try my favorite idea of getting free workouts off YouTube to do at home. If you have any favorite workout DVDs you love, please share them with me! Have you ever tried any at home workouts with DVDs?

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