7 Great Health and Fitness Blogs ...

There are literally tons of health and fitness blogs on the internet. Like a good workout buddy, health and fitness blogs are able to inspire us to workout harder and keep going, even when we want to quit. Blogs are also a great source for health and fitness tips and facts and a great way to get involved with a community of like-minded individuals. Reading a couple of these health and fitness blogs will help increase our knowledge base, but most importantly, remind us how important it is to be healthy.

1. Pen and Keyboard

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What kind of health and fitness blogger would I be if I did not shamelessly list my own as one of the great health and fitness blogs? Yes, Pen and Keyboard is my little fitness baby that focuses on simple ways to live a healthier life. Posts tend to be a mix of healthy eating tips, recipes, online finds, workout reviews, and self-made workouts to love. Since I am also a bit of a yogi, there is plenty of yoga to go around as well.

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