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There are literally tons of health and fitness blogs on the internet. Like a good workout buddy, health and fitness blogs are able to inspire us to workout harder and keep going, even when we want to quit. Blogs are also a great source for health and fitness tips and facts and a great way to get involved with a community of like-minded individuals. Reading a couple of these health and fitness blogs will help increase our knowledge base, but most importantly, remind us how important it is to be healthy.

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Pen and Keyboard

Pen and Keyboard penandkeyboard.com

What kind of health and fitness blogger would I be if I did not shamelessly list my own as one of the great health and fitness blogs? Yes, Pen and Keyboard is my little fitness baby that focuses on simple ways to live a healthier life. Posts tend to be a mix of healthy eating tips, recipes, online finds, workout reviews, and self-made workouts to love. Since I am also a bit of a yogi, there is plenty of yoga to go around as well.


Pumps and Iron

Pumps and Iron pumpsandiron.com

Pumps and Iron is one of my favorite fitness related blogs. Nicole focuses on great workouts and healthy recipes along with creating a few workouts of her own. There are usually about three to five new posts a week, so be sure to sign-up for her newsletter or subscribe on your favorite blog reader to know when things are new. Also, try out some of her workouts and let me know if you were also a heap of sweat on the floor after- I always am.



NutritionElla nutritionella.com

Nutritionella is a blog that focuses on fitness tips and healthy eating, but mainly, healthy eating. Ella is a dietitian who recently moved to San Francisco and works as one of the many start-ups out there. Her posts are sweet and simple and I am currently loving her Friday articles that give a great workout to try over the weekend!



Blogilates blogilates.com

Blogilates is one of my favorite YouTube channels and now, it is also one of my favorite fitness blog. Cassey Ho is a Pilates instructor who makes incredible (and short) workouts on YouTube. She also focuses on simple ways to eat healthy. Cassey has created a great fitness community that is there to support one another - something that seems vital for successfully living a healthy life.


Lazy Girl Running

Lazy Girl Running lazygirlrunning.com

This is not the most well known fitness blog, but boy do I love it. All runners or wannabe runners out there should definitely check it out. Laura is a marathon runner who has also written a book (can you guess the title?) about running for non-runners. She is a great inspiration who takes the intimidation out of long distance racing so it feels fun and accessible to all.


PB Fingers

PB Fingers pbfingers.com

If you like loads upon loads of information and articles, this is a blog for you. Julie posts about three times a day about everything from her morning workout, to her meals, to interesting things she has learned. Posts are short and sweet and filled with plenty of information. This is a great place to go if you are looking for some new workout or healthy eating inspiration.



Fitnessista fitnessista.com

Full disclosure, I found out about this blog about two days but simply love it. Fitnessista is a bit different from most the blogs I read since it is more of a blog in the traditional sense. Yes, there are workouts, and yes, there are healthy eating tips. But, there are also tons of lifestyle posts that keep us updated on everything happening with this military family.

With all the incredible health and fitness writers out there, I know that there are a few fantastic health and fitness blogs that i have missed. These are the blogs that are on my daily reading list, but I am always looking to expand it. What are some of your must-read health and fitness blogs?

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