7 Gentle Exercises for Pregnant Women ...

There are many exercises for pregnant women that can reduce the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, along with ease labor. Exercise does a pregnancy good by boosting both mom and baby's brain while also boosting your mood. Exercise also lowers your risk of gestational diabetes and strengthens your muscles in preparation for labor. The hardest decisions are what safe exercises you can do. I ran through my three pregnancies and this is rare, only allowed for the fittest women that have the okay from their physician. If you are just starting out or have a high risk pregnancy, here are a few gentle exercises for pregnant women:

1. Walking

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Okay so I was blessed to be able to continue running until my delivery date with my second and third pregnancies - all with my physician’s approval, of course. However, with my first pregnancy I felt it was time to take it easy and in my third trimester I switched from running to walking, which is one of the best gentle exercises for pregnant women.

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