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There are many exercises for pregnant women that can reduce the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, along with ease labor. Exercise does a pregnancy good by boosting both mom and baby's brain while also boosting your mood. Exercise also lowers your risk of gestational diabetes and strengthens your muscles in preparation for labor. The hardest decisions are what safe exercises you can do. I ran through my three pregnancies and this is rare, only allowed for the fittest women that have the okay from their physician. If you are just starting out or have a high risk pregnancy, here are a few gentle exercises for pregnant women:

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Okay so I was blessed to be able to continue running until my delivery date with my second and third pregnancies - all with my physician’s approval, of course. However, with my first pregnancy I felt it was time to take it easy and in my third trimester I switched from running to walking, which is one of the best gentle exercises for pregnant women.


Water Exercises

If you are not a strong swimmer and feel you are at a loss of fitness strength in the pool, try doing some water exercises during your pregnancy like leg lifts and leg flutters. You can get a super effective total body workout in the pool without the pounding, which is perfect for a healthy pregnancy!


Low Impact Aerobics

There's nothing like low impact workout videos to help guide you, like this Denise Austin video. Exercise videos are great to help you stay motivated without ever having to leave the house. Just make sure to take it easy and not overdo it so you do not put stress on your ever changing pregnant body. Then you can enjoy a fit and firm pregnancy while feeling great!


Floor Work

There are endless videos that will walk you through the proper form of exercises like leg lifts and hamstring curls. To firm your body through your pregnancy without high stress on your body, these exercises are all great. Just make sure you do not lie on your back as this slows down the blood supply to the baby.


Resistance Training

Resistance training is helpful in strengthening your body in preparation for labor. Just make sure to slowly perform exercises like the lunge so you do not strain. Also listen to your body so you do not overexert yourself or hyper extend. Perform 2 sets of 10 of these exercises, followed by stretching.



Expecting mothers want to get a great workout without the high impact stress of regular exercise, so stretching is great! To ease the stress of your lower back and joints, try stretching for just 15 minutes a day. This will ease pregnancy pain and prepare you for an easier labor and delivery! Just do not fall asleep while you do this video, I almost did!



For a fun, low impact workout, get your dance on with this video. Dancing is a great way to burn calories without over stressing your pregnant body. In your pregnancy, your body secretes the hormone relaxin, which makes your joints softer, so dancing is the perfect workout to avoid jumping and high impact. Just make sure you do not overdo it, listen to your body and have a blast!

So go ahead and enjoy your pregnancy! Exercise with these tips to stay firm and better the health of both you and baby. And always listen your physician and your body's cues. So tell me, when is your due date? Congratulations to you and your growing miracle!

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