Genius Gift Ideasfor the Fitness Guru in Your Life ...

By Leiann

Genius Gift Ideasfor the Fitness Guru in Your Life ...

Girls come in all shapes and sizes. So do gifts. So do the cost of gifts. So do occasions to give gifts.

The topic of fitness is a little touchy.

Don't know what to give? Follow along...

1 Colorful Socks

Buy some funky ones!

2 Colorful Headbands

A "cool" way to collect sweat!

3 Workout Leggings

A girl can never have enough!

4 Workout Dvds and Cds

For the private workout girl.

5 Jars

For refrigerator storage of grab-n-go salads, overnight oats, etc.

6 Water Bottle

For the girl to take wherever she goes.

7 Journal

For the girl that needs accountability.

8 Blender

For the smoothie lover!

9 Lunch Bag

For a girl to pack something healthy and not be tempted by a drive-thru.

10 Cookbook

Maybe a crockpot cookbook or a microwave cookbook? Saves time and stress for the lady in a hurry.

11 Mini Wine Bottles

Good for the heart and a good stocking stuffer.

12 Kitchen Timer

An old school way of tracking minutes.

13 Slim Fast or Whey Protein

For the girl who needs a meal replacement.

14 Dark Chocolate

For the girl deserving of a little indulgence.

15 Portion Plates

These make serving sizes at meals so much simpler.

16 Flavored Lip Gloss

For the smoker, a little lip smacking to distract in order to get in a good workout.

17 Low-maintenance Gadgets

A jump rope, hand weights, resistance band, walk away the pounds belt, or headphones.

18 Breath Mints or Throat Lozenges

To have good breath if you are working out with someone.

19 Pedometer

Attach and go!

20 Fan

Good for the at-home workout girl to place in her living room or bedroom or wherever she works out.

21 Coffee Maker or Keurig

Coffee has been proven to be healthy. Any girl can benefit from this kitchen appliance.

22 Coffee or Tea

Buy a selection of flavored coffee to spoil, black tea, green tea or herbal tea.

23 Fresh Fruit

Maybe make a DIY fruit basket.

24 Spices and Herbs

Provide a little flavor for the girl who loves to cook.

25 Camera

Before, during, and after photos.

26 T-shirts

Plain, cute, or funny, these are almost always needed to work out.

27 Candle

During a dismal winter morning, after a tough day or tough workout, the flickering light is comforting.

28 Muscle Rub

Especially use mentholatum.

29 Body Mist

A little aromatherapy.

30 Motivational Posters

To stop a girl from giving up.

I hope you have found this list helpful!


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