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As you balance your busy schedule as a mother, you may wonder about some of the best ways to work out with your kids. If you lack the time or flexibility because of watching your little ones, then why not make them a part of your workout? By working out together, you can instill a healthy lifestyle in your children at a young age, so get moving together! As a busy mom of 3 with all kids home with me for the summer and no camps, I have found many ways to exercise together and so can you. Here are the ways to work out with your kids:

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Head to Beach

Is it a beautiful, sunny day today? Then why not head to the beach to play some volleyball with the kids, fly a kite and chase each other in the sand? Then swim in the ocean and jump the waves to have a blast while you get a workout in with your kids. Having fun at the beach is one of the best ways to work out with your kids. So head to the beach to make the most of your time as you work out with your little ones.


Pool Workout

You can do a pool workout year round by going to your local gym in the winter and in your yard (if you have a pool) or join a nearby swimming club. Go to the pool with the children so they can splash and have fun while you get your workout in. You can do some leg flutters in the pool or chase one another. Or better yet, have a swimming race to test your skills while helping the children better theirs.


The Playground's Not Just for Play

Playgrounds are not just for frolic and play, there are endless workout possibilities there if you are open and ready to use your imagination. You can do some chin ups on the monkey bars, or tricep dips on the benches. And the best part is that the children will not even know, nor will this take any time away from them.


Family Run

A family run is one of my favorite workouts to bring everyone together while all getting a great calorie-burning bonding session. I enjoy this time together because these are memories that you can create together that will last a lifetime. I usually run 2 or 3 miles with my family and the finish is always the playground. Now that is a great prize for the kids!


Day of Hiking

Head to a local reservation and go for a hike with your children. Make a day of it and bring lunch so you can get your workout and then refuel after. And bring your camera because you can get some spectacular views at the peak of the mountain with your children!


Bike Ride Together

Put on your helmets and get ready for a family bike ride together. Go on a different bike route each week, to switch up your workout while changing the scenery for the children. And track your mileage with a bike pedometer or GPS tracker so you will know the amount of calories that you burned in the process.


Indoor Rock Climbing, Anyone?

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to test your upper body and core strength while getting your exercise session in for the day. Involve your kids in something new and go rock climbing today at a local rock climbing gym. Most of these facilities offer one day family passes at a discounted rate for your convenience. Are you afraid of heights? I have overcome my fear of heights by doing this and so can you! After this I went zip lining and even walked a tight rope, and it all started with indoor rock climbing family adventure.

So now that you are aware of the ways to workout with your kids, what are you waiting for? Get your kids dressed, get up and get going to exercise as a family while having a heck of a lot of fun. The things you do with your kids today will affect them for years ahead.

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