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Even if you’re not the sporty kind of girl, there are so many fun sports that are worth to try at least once. Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your workout? Is the gym not motivating you or are you sick of dancing the same Zumba routine every Saturday morning? Then it’s definitely time to try something new. Maybe you’ll become hooked and will find a new hobby. These fun sports might not all be very popular, but can certainly be a lot of fun.

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I am surprised about how many people don’t know about squash, but I can tell you that it’s a great way to get that exercise going. Squash will burn lots of calories in no time, because it’s a very intense sport that trains many different muscle groups in your body. Additionally, you can even practice your swings by yourself if you can’t find a friend to join you to the squash courts. This makes this sport a lot easier to play, compared to other fun sports, such as tennis or badminton.



Volleyball is a great sport to try if you like playing in teams. It’s a fun sport because you will have a little rivalry going on and if you want to play it just for fun, it’s fairly easy to play this sport without having the whole background knowledge of techniques. Volleyball can be done both inside and outside, which makes it easy to play in all seasons. Even if you’re on a summer vacation, you’ll sometimes find volleyball nets on the beach, allowing you to exercise in between sun bathing and swimming.



Who needs yoga? Let’s get back to the times when doing gymnastics was kind of cool. Just like with yoga, by doing gymnastics you’ll train all your muscle groups and you’ll practice your balance as well. There is something elegant and sophisticated about gymnastics, yet it’s incredible how much strength and exercise is involved. The good thing about gymnastics is that you can practice the sport by yourself; however, unlike with yoga, you often do need some tools to practice it.


Ice Skating

Ice skating is not only for the winter, although ice skating in the nature can be a lot of fun. Ice skating is a great substitute for those who don’t enjoy to run. Even though ice skating needs at least as much strength and energy, it‘s a different movement you make, allowing you to train yourself to remain balanced on the slippery ice. There are ice skating tracks that allow beginners to practice within certain hours. Take a friend, put on a pair of ice skates and just have some fun. You might fall once or twice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be working out those muscles in no time.



It’s difficult to play badminton alone, but it wouldn’t even be fun, I think. The best thing about badminton is that it’s easy to play and the racket and shuttle are light and easy to handle. Additionally, it’s OK if you don’t know the rules, as a lot of people play badminton mainly for fun and to get themselves moving. There are many sports centers that offer badminton courts, allowing players to come in and play, often charging a small fee per time. In some Asian countries, badminton is very popular and considered to be the number one sport in the country.



Everyone can bike, so why don’t you pick up your bike and go for a ride? It’s relaxing, easy to do, great to do alone or with someone else and you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries while riding your bike. If you live in an area with little scenery to admire, you can even put your bike in your car and drive to a nicer area. I think riding your bike is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your loved one, especially if you combine it with a picnic or a stopover at a village to have lunch.



When people think of swimming, they either think of swimming in a tropical pool or sea in a far away destination, or of swimming laps at an uncontrollable speed. Swimming is a great sport for all your muscles and it needs a lot of training to become a fast swimmer. But the truth is, swimming slowly is still exercise and moreover, very calming. Swimming laps at a slower pace will make you feel like you’re one with the water and how nice is it to have a sport where you don’t sweat like a pig afterwards? I find swimming and talking to be very difficult, so I like to swim by myself.

Playing sports can be a lot of fun, but if you’re not a natural, it can feel like a to-do rather than something you want to do for yourself. The sports I’ve mentioned don’t need big commitments and are all sports you can do occasionally, especially because many sports facilities offer customers to rent equipment, such as ice skates and squash rackets. Other sports, like biking, require a small investment, but think about this: there are countries in the world where almost every person owns a bike, because it’s the main transportation. Do you have a favorite sport that you think other people should give a shot?

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Lacrosse is a fun one too!!

Pole vaulting !

Volleyball is NOT easy!!!

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