7 Fun Sports You Have to Try ...


Even if you’re not the sporty kind of girl, there are so many fun sports that are worth to try at least once. Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your workout? Is the gym not motivating you or are you sick of dancing the same Zumba routine every Saturday morning? Then it’s definitely time to try something new. Maybe you’ll become hooked and will find a new hobby. These fun sports might not all be very popular, but can certainly be a lot of fun.

1. Squash

I am surprised about how many people don’t know about squash, but I can tell you that it’s a great way to get that exercise going. Squash will burn lots of calories in no time, because it’s a very intense sport that trains many different muscle groups in your body. Additionally, you can even practice your swings by yourself if you can’t find a friend to join you to the squash courts. This makes this sport a lot easier to play, compared to other fun sports, such as tennis or badminton.

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