7 Fun Hula Hoop Exercises to Get Those Hips Gyrating ...

Want to deviate from traditional exercise and try some fun hula hoop exercises to achieve amazing fitness results and break out of the gym? Hula hoop exercises are great for your core and at the right intensity, they can help you to lose weight and get toned. So let’s break away from tradition, forget about the gym at least for today and try these great exercises to work your body and have a blast! This is a great way to switch things up today. So where do you begin? Well, check out these fun hula hoop exercises you must try!

1. Side to Side Hoop

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One of the simplest and most effective fun hula hoop exercises is the side to side hoop exercise. In this exercise, the faster you go, the harder it is. To challenge yourself more, simply change your leg stance. You can even use a weighted hula hoop to up the intensity! Make sure to tighten your arms as you hoop so you feel your core even more. And work those belly muscles to a slimmer, sleeker shape!

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