7 Fun Fitness Trends from Years Gone by ...

You'd be forgiven for thinking fun fitness trends are a modern concept. The only thing modern about fitness today is the fact that it is accessible for everyone! Until the industrial revolution, we were all such labourers, there was no need for gyms! Still, that didn't stop fitness trends from springing up among the upper classes.

1. Jousting

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It's a little bit rare that you'll see fully grown men mounting horses with massive swords and rushing towards each other these days. There are those who do reenactments, of course. Good for them, they're very brave and/or crazy. Jousting was HUGE during the medieval and early modern periods. It was a massive show of male bravery, usually restricted to the upper classes. I think this is one of those fitness trends that won't re-surface en-masse any time soon...

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