7 Fun Facts about Irish Dancing ...


I’ve been a dancer for thirteen years and during that time, I learned a few facts about Irish dancing. I started out when I was five, ready to dance and mainly wanting to have fun. Little did I know the next number of years would be some of my most memorable. Here are a few facts about Irish dancing that I learned along the way!

1. Soft Shoes

Soft shoes, aka ‘ghillies,’ are the most commonly used shoes in Irish dancing. An interesting fact about Irish dancing is that men’s and women’s shoes differ. While females wear lace-up ghillies, the men’s counterpart is a closed, black shoe called ‘reel shoes.’ Both ghillies and reel shoes have a ballet-shoe-like quality that makes them relatively noiseless. Next time you see some Irish dancers performing, see if you can spot the two!

Hard Shoes
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