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With more than 32 million single water bottles thrown away every day in the US, I think everyone should consider investing a few dollars in re-usable water bottles. For a small outlay, you can get your hands on a hydration delivery system that suits your lifestyle and satisfies you thirst for style and design and practicality. Check out these products that I think offer some great options in re-usable water bottles and even if none of these appeal, it will give you an idea of what’s available.

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Waterbox The main point of reusable water bottles is that they should be functional. That doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. And it doesn’t stop with looking good. The philosophy of Waterbox is also beautiful. Crafting their stainless steel artist-designed bottles with patterns and styles inspired by the world around us, concern for the environment is at the heart of the company’s ethos. 1% of Waterbox’s sales are ploughed back into safe/clean water projects and children’s art programs. Additionally, there is a limited edition bottle once a year that supports a non-profit organization chosen by the bottle’s artist. The bottles are available from various online and traditional retailers and vary in price.


Sip N Go

Of all the reusable water bottles I looked at, very few can match the practicality of Sip N Go. Not only is it completely practical, it’s a great price at $7.99. If you want ease and convenience, this is the one for you. Sip N Go collapses small enough to fit in your pocket but will hold up to 500ml when filled. It’s lightweight and has an easy drink snap cap. You can freeze it and it is dishwasher safe. It is also environmentally friendly and BPA free. Buy direct from buysipngo.com


KOR Delta Hydration Vessel

KOR Delta Hydration Vessel It might have one of the fanciest names for a water bottle, but this little number from KOR is so simple and stylish. I love that it looks good and simply performs its purpose. It has a unique shape designed for high performance, an ergonomic handle and is easy to open with a push button cap. Buy from korwater.com with prices starting at $22.99.



Tritan If you need reusable water bottles for lunch boxes check out the Tritan. The big selling point of the Tritan is that unlike round bottles, this one is stackable. If you’ve got a whole family of water bottles needing space in your cupboards, these are ideal. Made from BPA free, commercial food grade plastic, the Tritan is durable, dishwasher safe and holds 16oz. If you’re fed up of your traditional round bottle rolling off the treadmill, this one is for you. Buy here pfaltzgraff.com


Brita Soft Squeeze

Do you fill your bottle with bottled water because you prefer not to drink tap water? Save yourself a whole load of dough by going back to tap water, but tap water that passes through a Brita filter. The replaceable filter sits in a soft squeeze BPA –free bottle that holds 20 ounces, with each filter lasting for 300 uses. It comes in apple green, violet, aqua and navy and costs $10 from Brita direct and retailers like Walmart.



S’well If you want your water bottle to look more like a bottle than a tube with a drinking cap stuck on the end, you’re sure to find a design in the S’well collection to suit. As reusable water bottles go these are pretty fabulous. They are high design, insulated, toxin-free stainless steel. They are more expensive than the others I’ve listed, but few can match the design options which include things like simulated black leather and faux bark for your man, and gold champagne glitter for you as well as a whole spectrum of jewel colors. Priced between $35-40 at swellbottle.com



Hydracoach Do you keep lots of statistics about your fitness? Love to know your calories burnt or how many steps you’ve walked each day? The Hydracoach is for the serious fitness nut. It’s an intelligent water bottle that comes complete with a device that monitors your drink and personal hydration, providing info such as your average consumption. It will also track the sips you take and the times you had them. The Hydracoach is available in various colors and costs $29.99 at sportline.com

Are you in the market for a new water bottle? Any of these take your fancy?

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No bobble water bottle on this list?

Exo ;)

Thnx for this list. It's right on time for me as I was planning to get a water bottle.

Camelbak is the best

what caught my eye on this article was the exo water bottle kris<3

What bottle would you say is then best for sport and running?✌️

I like the EXO water bottle haha

I just bought the hydro bottle from eBay. Looks good hope it lives to it's rep:)

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