8 Foods Fit People Love ...

As a fitness junkie and health nut, I love sharing with others what fit people love to eat! After all, being fit is all about what you eat just as much as what you do for exercise. Fit people have the right fuel to get them through their workouts, and more energy to sustain them through the day. To be fit, you’ve got to eat fit. Start lifting your fork with these foods that fit people love and you’ll be a lean, mean, work-out machine!

1. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

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Fit people love nonfat Greek yogurt! Nonfat Greek yogurt is quite possibly one of the most lean, high protein sources of all other foods when it comes to fat content, protein content and nutrient composition. It is also one of the easiest animal protein-rich foods to digest. Greek yogurt works in many ways to keep you fit. For starters, the healthy bacteria fight disease and help fight bad bacteria in the body, which can cause sugar cravings and can also make you sick. The healthy bacteria also help with digestion, bloating and have been proven to fight belly flab and have actually been proven to increase your metabolic rate. Greek yogurt’s calcium also reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body, and the potassium in Greek yogurt fights bloating and aids in healthy blood pressure. Greek yogurt is also a great source of Vitamin B12, magnesium, and zinc. Each of these nutrients aid in nervous system function, energy levels, and help your immune system stay strong.

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