7 Fitness Trends for 2014 ...

It’s hard to find a fitness plan that can really work for you, so, why not try out some of the fitness trends for 2014? These are up to date and will have you wanting to shed those pounds or just maintain a healthy body weight. There are so many exciting new fitness trends for 2014, and here are just a few.

1. Online Videos/Vlogs

This is definitely the most accessible and cost efficient of the new fitness trends for 2014. I know from being a student that it is hard to stay in shape. I really need someone there to motivate me. After researching classes I have found that they are extremely costly and never at a convenient time. Then I searched online, where people that are the class teachers actually have classes online. This means that you can be motivated from the comfort of your own room and at a time that is convenient to you.

2. Fitness Apps

If you look on the app store and search for apps to do with fitness you will find many of them that guide you through how to do many, many, activities. This is perfect if you have a ten minute break at work or you want to complete a bit of fitness before going to work or school.

3. Early Morning Training

Early morning is the best time of the day to exercise. This is due to it kick starting your metabolism, and energizing you for the day ahead. When your metabolism is started earlier in the day, it gives your body longer to digest food and therefore, you are more likely to lose weight or sustain a healthy body weight. Another advantage is that exercising in the morning starts you off the same way each day. Studies have shown that if you exercise every morning you are more likely to keep to this routine, which means exercising more frequently.

4. Combined Fitness (Yoga and Spinning- YAS)

If you are a fan of exercise classes you will love these; two fitness classes combined together to improve your all round fitness. If your local center does not hold such classes you can look online, and do them at home or even suggest them to your fitness center.

5. Parks

I am a massive fan of exercising outdoors. Even though, the gym has a great motivational environment, I find outdoors more entertaining and the fresh air will really be better for you than, sweaty gym air. Plus the parks around me have many different things to look at, such as’ wildlife, rivers and statues.

6. Zumba

When Zumba first started, I thought I really wouldn't like it. However, when I went to a class recently, I really enjoyed and so did my friends that aren't too keen on dancing. If you are looking for an all-round work out then this would be perfect for you, it’s predominately cardio, but there are toning elements such as squats and ab work.

7. Yoga

Quite a lot of people think that yoga is over-rated and something of the past. Although, in some cases this may be true, it is definitely an amazing fitness routine for people that are not used to doing exercise or would like to increase their flexibility. Once this becomes too easy you can then try Pilates. However, yoga and Pilates are not fitness routines that you can only do now and then; they are ones that you have to do to maintain flexibility. The breathing techniques gained from this are great though as they will help you stay calm and improve at other sports.

Some of these fitness trends are not just new for 2014, they have been around for quite a while. However, they are still so popular, which means they must work! Do you have any fitness trends that you think will be big in 2014?