The Ultimate How-to Guide for a Healthy Easter This Year ...

For weeks, maybe even months. you walked down the candy filled Easter aisle at your grocer and thought of how to have a healthy Easter this year. Year after year the focus on candy has been endless and you would like to end this vicious, unhealthy cycle. But how can you turn candy filled eggs into something nutritious? And if you steer the holiday in a healthier direction, will the children be disappointed? These are all questions that most of us have contemplated. But there are ways you can turn the holiday to healthy without sacrificing fun! As a personal trainer and lover of health, I have several fitness tips for a healthy Easter, like these:

1. Knock It out in the Morning

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As Easter gets closer, you may find that you're busier than usual getting ready to host guests and prepare the food. That might mean the end of the day comes and you're just too exhausted to fit in a workout. Use this handy video for a quick and effective springtime workout that you can get done right away when you get up in the morning.

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