2. Change Your Default Goal Settings

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The Fitbit app (Android, iOS, and Windows) has four tabs. It opens in Dashboard, which gives you an overview of your daily step count, sleep cycle, and food and water log. If you donโ€™t like this default layout, just tap and hold any tile โ€” for instance, โ€œTrack exerciseโ€. Youโ€™ll now be able to reshuffle all the tiles and personalize your Dashboard interface. Tapping any option in this section gives you a breakdown of its results as a list, but it also lets you customize your goals for that section. So, for example, tap "Steps" to see your daily step count, both present day and in the past. As every Fitbit user knows, 10,000 is the default step goal, but if you feel thatโ€™s too easy for you, then tap the Settings (cog-shaped) icon to change it. Similarly, you can also change your goals for daily floor count, distance, and hourly activity goals.

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