7 Facts about Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them ...


Here are some fast facts about knee injuries. Did you know that anyone can have knee problems? Yes, this is absolutely and unfortunately true. People of all ages, races and genders can have knee injuries, so how do you prevent this? There are certain exercises and things you can do to help prevent a knee injury. The good news is you do not have to just sit around, there is something you can do to help. Are all athletes destined for some knee injury in the future? Absolutely not, however you should take preventive measures by putting in the time to strengthen your muscles and also wear a knee guard in sports where you could get an abrupt blow to the knee. Here are some more facts about knee injuries and how you can prevent them:

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One of the causes of knee injury is muscle stiffness, so avoid this by stretching. Stretching exercises to increase range of motion can eliminate muscle stiffness. Spend just 3-5 minutes before your workout and even at the start of the day to play a key role in preventing knee injury. Did you know this about knee injuries?



Did you know that by strengthening your larger muscle groups in your legs, you can help prevent knee injuries in the future? Simple exercises like the squat can do just this and actually save you from being sidelined due to an injury in the future. Now that is motivation to get to those strengthening exercises, isn’t it?


Losing Weight

Did you know the arthritis foundation actually recommends that obese or overweight individuals lose weight to take some of the pressure off their joints? Every 1 pound of weight loss can take 3-4 pounds of pressure off your knee. So eat healthy and exercise to alleviate or lower knee pain.


Icing to Reduce Inflammation

If your knees flare up due to the cold or a past injury, ice to reduce the inflammation. If you take care of your joints you will receive thanks by feeling less pain or possibly eliminating this pressure altogether! When a joint bothers you or you have an injury, do you ice? If not, you should start and see how this reduces inflammation.


Knee Braces

If you have had a knee tear or injury in the past and you are walking around trying to do what you can, you should wear a knee brace to constrict your movement. A brace can help prevent you worsening the damage and hyperextending.


Proper Shoes

Are you wearing the proper shoes? If you wear ultra-high heels to work each day this can add pressure to your lower back and knees. Choose shoes that are comfortable and fashionable. Yes, you can have both without causing your joints to flare up with 4 inch heels.


Listening to Your Body

One of the key components of preventing knee injury or any other injury is listening to your body. If a particular joint bothers you when you are doing a specific exercise, refrain from this exercise. If you are having a day when your body is just not feeling right, take a day off. If you listen to your body, you will find yourself stronger and healthy longer. Do you listen to your body cues? If your body is telling you to take a day off, take off. Do not be stubborn or this can leave you sidelined.

Listen to your body and make sure you heed caution when taking care of your joints. Hope you are able to prevent knee injuries and conquer your sports the healthy way! Have you ever suffered from an injury?

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I am currently recuperating from surgery after I tore my meniscus while skiing. Your advice is in line with exactly what my orthopedist and physical therapist have been telling me. Thanks for spreading the word!

Following quite major knee surgery at the end of last year I was told to avoid static stretching and do active instead. Also, get the glutes activated!

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