Memorable Milestones🎯to Hit on Your Life-Changing Fitness Journey🎖⚖ ...

Having goals is essential in life and with fitness no exception, there are some fabulous fitness milestones to mark your journey, which will make you feel amazing once you have accomplished them. When it comes to fitness, there are some things that everyone should try at least once. After all, how do you know you won't be any good at a marathon if you don't give it a go? Here are some fitness milestones to add to your fitness bucket list.

1. Charity Event

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How many of you have been involved in a charity event? In the UK we have Race for Life every year, which raises awareness and money for cancer. It's a fun event where wearing pink is mandatory and there are smiles on everyone's faces, even though it's for a serious cause. It's a way of giving cancer the middle finger but it's also a great way to meet new people and get fit in the process. Running a charity event is one of the fitness milestones to add to your list.

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