7 Exercises You Can do at Your Desk ...

Want to know the exercises you can do at your desk? If you are a typical employee that works eight hours a day sitting at a desk, commutes both ways and drives home to relax, sitting again, you are not alone. In fact you are just one of millions that follow this exact routine on a daily basis. But feel doomed for physical ruin no more, if you follow my tips! Here are a few exercises you can do at your desk to get you started to physical and health perfection because you have to start somewhere, right?

1. Squats

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One of the best exercises you can do at your desk is chair squats, so sit down and stand up for 3 sets of 18. You can do this in the middle of your conference call or while on break so you can make the most of the day and get your workout in. This workout combined with cardio somewhere in your day make a perfect combination to achieve great results.

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