7 Exercises You Can do at the Playground While Your Kids Play ...


I have three kids so we spend an extraordinary amount of time at the park and if you’re in the same boat, exercises you can do at the playground can really maximize your multitasking for the day. After all, who wants to work out once the kids are in bed? That’s time for reading magazines and catching up on your favorite TV series. Your kids might not want you playing their games, but you can certainly use the equipment for these exercises you can do at the playground. You’ll get fit and the kids will have some fun – there’s nothing better than that!

1. Pull Ups

Remember how hard it was to go from one end of the monkey bars to the other when you were a kid? It takes an incredible amount of arm strength, which makes those bars ideal for exercises you can do at the playground. Grab hold of one, palms facing out, and bend your knees with your feet behind you. Pull yourself up and lower yourself down several times. You’ll feel the burn – it’s working the muscles in your arms and your core.

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