10. Side Plank Twists

Side Plank Twists

This exercise is great for ab toning. Get into a side plank position and whichever hand you have up in the air, start to twist it underneath your body, pulling in your abs. Then, lift your hand back up in the air, like you’re tucking something underneath you and then pulling it back into the air. Keep your arms delicate and lengthened, like a ballerina. You shouldn’t be just dropping your hand under you and throwing it back into the air.

This is great for toning parts of your abs that don’t get much attention otherwise through crunches. Do 20 on each side for best results each day.

I like to do all of these exercises each day and spend about 30-40 minutes walking and 20 minutes doing all the toning exercises. The great thing is, you don’t need a gym to do them, but could totally do all of them in the gym if you wanted and need a break from weights. These exercises use your body as your weight, so you’re still getting in all the benefits of weight lifting, without needing actual weights. What is your favorite exercise with big results?

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