7 Exercises to Vary Your Workout This Year ...

With all of the new, trending exercises and gyms, there are plenty of exercises to vary your workout. New studios, new workout classes, and new ways to change up the norm are just a few fun parts of the upcoming year. Fitness trends predict this will be the year when yoga regains its popularity. But, that is not the only way to work out; here are a few exercises to vary your workout that should not be missed this year.

1. Aerial Yoga

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This form of yoga was created by a Broadway choreographer and gymnast, Christopher Harrison. This form of yoga uses aspect of gymnastics and Pilates to give a great core workout that seriously does not feel like a workout at all. As far as exercises to vary your workout go, this is great! I recently tried aerial yoga and loved it. This yoga is barely like yoga at all and feels more like your are playing on a swing for an hour… Except you are super sore the next day.

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