7 Exercises to Tone Your Trouble Spots ...

Want to know the exercises to tone your trouble spots? The bulge on your waist, the thickness of your thighs, or the shake of your arms is not making you feel good, so you just may need to work harder to achieve your goals. If you are doing the same exercises and still not seeing your desired results, you need to perform some more targeted exercises and clean up your eating. Your results are a product of the work you do and the fuel you give your body. So get started with these great exercises and work your trouble areas away:

1. Squat

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If your legs and butt are your trouble areas, you definitely want to perform squats. Squats can give you incredible results in toning your body. Just make sure you get down low with your weight on your heels and focus on form to make the most out of the ultimate butt toning exercise.

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