10 Exercises πŸ’ͺ🏼 to Get You Tight and Toned Quick ⏲ for Girls Needing to Look Good 😘 in an Instant ⏱ ...

As a certified trainer for well over a decade, transforming countless lives, a fit mama of three with a fourth baby on the way, I have made fitness and health my life. I refuse to be out of shape and let the craziness of life push me to losing my fitness. But I will promise you that it takes dedication and daily determination. And knowing the exercises that help to tighten and tone fast is critical to see the absolute best results. After all why waste your time going through the motions when you can focus with targeted exercises that work to transform! So get up and get started with these super-effective exercises that will help you to tighten and tone fast!

1. Plank

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By making the plank part of your daily workout routine you will tighten your core, along with your shoulders. Just simply engage your muscles as your perform this uber-effective workout and hold for one minute. All you need is a minute to win it and take a step closer to your toning goals!

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