7 Exercises to Help You Build up Your Running Distance & Increase Speed Fitness ...

If you are training for a distance race and looking to become a faster runner, then you have come to the right place. As a distance runner, trainer and coach for well over a decade, I have helped thousands achieve their running dreams and I can help you too. If you have not honed in on healthier eating, this should be the first step in your journey. And next there are a number of exercises that can help you to increase your speed and become faster. These exercises will help you to show you have what it takes to go the distance and do it super speedy. So are you ready to get started? Then before you lace up your running shoes, make sure you perform these exercises in your weekly routine!

1. Running

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Okay it may sound like a no brainer but to run faster and longer you need to put in more miles. The primary way to be prepared for a longer distance race is to add more miles into your weekly schedule. So get out for a run, increase the duration that you are running for and for shorter runs pick up the pace. In a matter of weeks you will see a vast improvement!

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