7 Exercises to Fight Flab ...

Would you like to know the exercises to fight flab? You know that irritating fat on your side that keep your pants from lying flat or the rash you develop from your thighs rubbing against each other? This is all annoying but with the right workouts it will annoy you no more because you can combat this. So stop blaming mom or dad for your genes and put your energy to good use by working out. You can achieve your dream body with hard work and effort. Are you ready to get started? Then perform these great exercises to fight flab!

1. Stair Climbing

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Stair climbing burns mega calories and tightens your lower half to help you fight the dreaded flab, so try this workout. This workout will give you the after burn effect to help elevate your metabolic rate and get you in your best shape! If you are ready for the burn, start climbing because this is one of the best exercises to fight flab.

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