7 Exercises to do with Caution to Prevent Injury ...

By Heather

7 Exercises to do with Caution to Prevent Injury ...

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, be sure you know what exercises to do with caution. We often get on a fitness kick and jump straight in, head first. Bless our hearts. We really do try to have the best intentions, yet we might find ourselves lying on our backs in pain if we’re not careful. Injury can come in an instant when exercising. Be sure you know what exercises to do with caution that usually cause first timers or newbies injury, and proceed ahead carefully. They are safe to do, so long as you know what you’re doing and exercise smart.

Table of contents:

  1. burpees
  2. sprints
  3. swimming
  4. headstands
  5. handstands
  6. trampolines
  7. flips

1 Burpees

This new fangled exercise has taken the fitness world by storm, and is definitely one of the top exercises to do with caution. How many of you saw a YouTube video of someone doing burpees and tried it yourself at home? I know I sure did, and it wasn’t pretty. I’m also terrible at them, by the way! Burpees involve certain jumping moves that if not done carefully can injure your shins, or even cause you to fall flat on your face. If you do them on cement, you also need to be really careful not to skin a knee, your palms, or your elbows.

2 Sprints

This everyday exercise is a great one for weight loss, to train athletes, and use muscles of the body in a quick, high intensity way. Just be sure you’re wearing secure shoes or you’ll slip and fall quickly during sprints. You also need to be sure you have supportive shoes, especially if you’re on cement flooring or outside. Not wearing the right shoes can cause shin splints quickly, which are no fun to deal with, or heal from.

3 Swimming

Yes, this long time exercise is a great one too, but also needs to be done with caution. Never go swimming by yourself, or in the dark alone. Even top athletes who have done this have suffered injury, and some have even died. Swimming is a great form of aerobic activity, but it also involves a good bit of danger and anyone can drown, no matter how experienced they are. One bad breath is all it takes, so be careful!

4 Headstands

This is one yoga move I’ve yet to master, and let me tell you, I’ve already had major injuries from this! I’ve tried nearly every way to practice this out there and knocked my noggin, bruised my knee against the wall, and fell over backwards. I promise, none of these felt great, and I should have had someone spotting me to prevent them. Don’t try these at home without ever having been shown how to properly do one. Many videos out there are helpful, but I promise, it’s not as easy as it looks!

5 Handstands

Another exercise to do with caution is handstands. Not doing these properly or successfully can lead to you falling, and breaking your neck if your body falls the wrong way. You might also fall over onto an object in close proximity, so do them in a clear space.

6 Trampolines

Trampolines are pretty safe, but you need to be careful what kind of shoes you wear. It’s actually best not to wear any to prevent injury. Also, be careful to spring up and down using your hamstrings, and not just your feet. You can get foot cramps if you don’t do these exercises properly.

7 Flips

Flips in gymnastics are another exercise to do with plenty of caution. I used to marvel at women who could run and do these in midair. Thank goodness I’ve never tried that! Grace is certainly not my middle name, despite my incredible flexibility (thank you yoga!) Be sure you practice flips after lots of guidance, and after having someone properly teach you the right way. The possible injuries here are almost too many to list. Better safe than sorry!

If you work out and have ever had an injury, what exercise were you doing? Do you have any tips to share for other readers and myself?

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