7 Exercises That Can Be Done with or without Weights ...

There are certain exercises that you can perform with or without weights. If you are a beginner, you may want to start out with just your bodyweight but as you get stronger you can add weights and better your results. You get out what you give so give it all you've got and add a little more resistance to these great exercises. If we do not challenge ourselves in our workouts, we will fail to achieve our desired results. So up the ante and try these great exercises both with and without weights:

1. Side Plank

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The side plank is a great core exercise that can be done both with and without weights ( I like to use 5 lb dumbbells.) It all depending on your fitness level and just how much you want to challenge yourself that day. Follow this great instructional video and see how the side plank works your obliques and rectus abdominal area.

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