7 Exercises for Quads without Using Weights ...

Want to know the amazing exercises for quads that have no equipment required? Perfect, because you do not need to be a member of a high priced gym to get the killer legs of your dreams. But you do have to put in the time exercising and eating healthy to see amazing results. The hardest part is that most people do not know just what to do to achieve this dream leg status, so let me share with you how you can make this dream into a reality. Here are a few amazing exercises for quads that require nothing other than your bodyweight!

1. Leg Raises

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Leg raises are a great exercise to strengthen your quads and your abs. Perform 12 repetitions each leg and then do each leg individually for 10 to isolate your legs. Go for 3 sets so you can get the best results since this is one of the best exercises for quads!

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